Making the Abstract Concrete | CD Studio, 2021

Communication Design — 1

Wind-up toys of different forms and shapes — Photograph by Anupriya Gupta


  1. Implicit Communication
  2. Knowing thy peers
  3. Truth Decay
  4. Style — Denotation, Connotation and Schema
  5. Napkin Sketches
  6. Making users cognizant
  7. Collective Understanding
  8. Whiteboard exercise
  9. Design Jam
  10. Characteristics of Intervention
  11. Navigating a city vs information
  12. Brainstorming Intervention

Book Shelf — Image Source: Unsplash

Image Source:

Anupriya Gupta

Dreamer by day, designer by night. An incurable cinephile who often escapes into magical worlds while immersed in her books.

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