The Science behind Human Memory

Making the Abstract Concrete | CD Studio, 2021

Every day, as we interact with our environments, we form new memories. The concept of memory seems so abstract, that people often wonder how it works? Sometimes, the most recent events are forgotten while a decade-old memory is still fresh in our minds. At the same time, we may forget our car keys but won’t forget how to drive a car. This raises another question — why are some memories stronger than others? Let’s look at a scenario to understand how and where memories exist.

It is further interesting to note that, as Sarah remembers her past memories, she is also imagining and shaping her future. Studies show that to plan her birthday party next month, and imagine the details of the events, there will be activity in the same part of the brain where her past memories are stored. Sarah can recall the memories of her having fun during the anniversary and several other celebrations and then make plans for her upcoming birthday.

Without past memories and the critical role of the hippocampus, we can have no imagination. So, while we are here take a minute to relax, ponder upon your past memories and enjoy imagining your future.

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